Fly of the Month

Jay Smit

Although I started fishing from an early age much to my regret I only started fly fishing late in life but when I did at the age of 50 I went totally overboard. I did everything possible to cram 40 odd years of missed opportunity into my brain. I immediately started fly tying and this pursuit led to the Jvice. (see Jvice Story)

One problem was how to keep Clare my wife happy and tie at every conceivable opportunity. My solution was the laptop tying station (which eventually became part of the standard jvice kit) which enabled me to tie on the couch while Claire watched TV.

Because I enjoy all forms of fly fishing from tiny streams to the salt I also tie fly's ranging from the tiniest dry to bigg streamers. My favourite dry fly is Hans Weilenmann's CDC and Elk and variations of it as well as the F fly.

In the Salt I'm afraid there is nothing to beat the Clouser and its variants that bring so much success. But I also love fishing streamer patterns.