Fly of the Month

White Death Variant

Robin Fick was the originator of this fly
Fly tied by Jay Smit


Hook size 10-16
Thread Hyperfine White or any fine thread
Head White Thread
Body White Marabou (Original white Chenille)
Wing Crystal Flash and White Marabou

Tying Instructions

1. Tie in a bunch of white marabou by the tips. Make sure to choose long pieces from the edge of the feather.

2. Twist and wrap forward along the shank forming a tapered body. Tie off behind the eye leaving enough room for the head and wing.

3. Tie in 4 strands of crystal flash on top of the hook. This should be about the length of the body.

4. Tie in a small bunch of marabou to form the wing. Trim by breaking between the fingers. Should be about the same length as the flash. (Don't cut the Marabou)

5. Form a neat head with the thread and cement.

Although originally tied to imitate the adult caddis it imitates a variety of small nymphs. It is extremely effective when fish are feeding just below the surface film and should be fished with a floating line using short slow strips. Can take fish at any time of day and is a must for any South African fly box.