Fly of the Month

Split Shot Bent Back (SSBB)


Hook SS Long Shank Streamer 1/0 to 4/0
Body Bucktail Colour of Choice
Head Split Shot + Holographis Eye's + Epoxy
Flash To match Bucktail

Tying Instructions

1) Crimp on a split shot behind the eye of the hook. Crimp with a pair of pliers ensuring a flat face for the eye's. Secure with Thread and Brush on Superglue

2) Stick the eyes onto the lead bead

3) Tie in a bunch of white bucktail behind the eye with a few strands of flash on top

4) Tie in the coloured bucktail of choice above the white in two sparse layers with a few strands of flash between each layer

5) Top with a darker colour of choice or peacock herl

6) Now apply epoxy over the eyes and wrappings forming a neat head. Just before the epoxy sets wet finger tips with Foto Fo and shape head. Colour epoxy head with permanent marker if desired

Fish this fly with a fast strip and pause as used for a Clouser. The weight of the split shot gives this fly a wonderful undulating motion that is irresistable to shad and other gamefish