Fly of the Month

Red Eye Damsel


Hook Nymph #12 to #16 2x or 3x
Thread To match Body
Tail A bunch of Olive Marabou fibers
Abdomen Twisted Olive Marabou fibers.
Body Life Cycle Dubbing Bright Green
Rib None
Eyes Red Tuft Chenille
Legs A few strands of flash

Tying Instructions

Dress the hook with thread to a point opposite the barb. Tie in a bunch of Olive Marabou for a tail and secure the remaining fibers to the shank to form an underbody.

Tie in a number of marabou fibers by their tips as shown.

Twist then Wrap the fibers forward to form the body.

Tie in a small loop of tuft chenille ahead of the body to form the eyes.

Secure and form with a few figure of 8 wraps. Two flash legs can be tied in under the eyes at this point if desired.

Tie in a smaller number of marabou fibers by their tips just behind the eyes. Wrap a figure of 8 around the eyes forming a buggy head. Tie off just behind the eye of the hook.